Picking The best LED Bulbs

LED technology has grown rapidly in the past few decades. Vibrant, effective LED bulbs are now easily available and therefore are no more limited to commercial uses. With increasingly lower costs and energy-saving excellence, LED bulbs have been heralded as the future for house lighting.

Why purchase LED bulbs?

LED lighting uses very little energy and unlike standard energy-saving bulbs, LEDs are immediately bright from the moment you turn them on.

While costs are greater than those of conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs seldom need regular replacement, which makes the first outlay less expensive in the long term. Surprisingly, some manufacturers boast a lifetime as long as 25 to 30 decades.


Even though LED lights are definitely the most expensive forms available, along with their greater durability, they also incur substantially lower light expenses. With 90 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs, LEDs contribute improved energy savings within a brief space of time.

Our AR111 LED is more economical and more economical to operate than a classic 50w Halogen and boasts an aluminum chassis for improved life expectancy.

What to Consider?

Though LED lighting does boast exceptional functionality, the quality of the bulbs may fluctuate, which makes it important that you select a trusted product to receive the very best LED bulb to you.

It is vital to take into account the lumen output as well as the LED maker. Cree, Samsung and Bridgelux are widely known as some of the top producers in the lighting market.

The tag on a light product enables customers to base their purchase on the brightness of the bulb and the price of its functionality, instead of on the more customary thought of wattage.

Many LED bulbs are made to operate with existing light fittings and can be utilized as direct replacements. Some will also be compatible with existing transformers and dimmers.

Our bestselling MR11 LED is the perfect replacement for present halogens in the house. Using only the finest Cree LEDs, it offers a wonderful light output with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index). The higher the CRI, the greater the color rendering ability of this bulb.


How to select LEDs for the house?

From hot whites to glowing daylights, the light outputs of LED bulbs are categorized based on Colour Temperature. The greater the temperature, the brighter the light output and also the more energetic the influence on the immediate surroundings.

The most usual colors used in domestic programs are out of the hot white, lower temperatures of this spectrum. The light output of this reduced color temperatures is comparable to that emitted by conventional halogen bulbs, making hot white the clear replacement option if switching to LED light in the house.

While trendy white colors are satisfied to a office or retail environment and vivid white daytime colors are best for use in warehouse or warehouse applications, domestic customers can nevertheless alter their color options. Different color temperatures can be chosen and applied to various regions of the house. Employing different color temperatures to make accent, ambient and task lighting layouts can provide improved operational advantages to the house.

SERA Technologies provide high quality LED lighting for a range of applications. With domestic and commercial lighting solutions to match any space and style, contact us now to go over your LED lighting conditions.

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