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Playing Cards Marked Deck


You can discover the top Playing Cards Marked Deck to make your poker games more colorful and exciting for your friends and guests whenever you host parties. Don’t worry what the occasion is or how many guests you have invited. The set of marking cards can surely provide your guests with the most challenging opportunities. Let us discover how it happens.

Poker Games for Guests – Who is Cheating Whom

When you choose the Playing Cards Marked Deck for the poker games during parties, they will seal the fate of your opponents to lose the game to you, no matter how hard they try. It is for the simple reason that you have complete control over the game with the marked playing cards for sale and the cheating devices.

Cheating devices like infrared contact lenses and special Smartphone with a hidden camera and analyzer processor and software can be highly helpful. They can read the complete data transmitted by the barcode and the signals from the infrared ink.

Every marked card has a unique style and symbol to denote its value. They are embedded on the back or side of the normal poker cards with added illumination effects. It is not possible for anyone to see the markings with normal eyes.

Only you with the hidden-phone camera or invisible lenses can read the data and signals clearly. If you use the special phone, the hidden processor can perform the tasks of card analysis and results predictions.

If you are using the infrared ink mark cards with the contact lenses, you can see all the card details clearly. The most important thing is what will you do after reading the data and view the symbols & card-values.

How to Put Data into Action – Cheat to Win Game and Bet

Both the devices give you information about multiple cards from the multiple players in the poker game. The camera system performs all the calculations and hence you just have to bet on the most potential winner, just before the game is about to end. Or you can use the data to increase your winning possibility if you are a player.

The lenses and invisible ink combination are a bit comparatively complex. It takes time for you to perform the analysis of cards from multiple players and determine the potential winner. Then you have to keep observing and following the game until a few minutes before the end.

At the last minute you can bet on the player at the top of ranking list. The possibilities of you winning the bet are the highest. If you are a player, it is possible to work on the innovative strategies to put you at the top of ranking though it takes time to practice.


Once you are comfortable in using the Playing Cards Marked Deck, it is possible to play poker game events and magic shows in the parties you host for your guests. They will surely love the game and become willing to participate on the gambling challenges you throw at them, giving you rich rewards all the way.

Paint Thickness Measurement

What the heck is paint thickness measure? Why measure the paint fullness? May be asking another question would help answer most of these questions – Why do you paint at all? Now, i will be are aware of the usual answers such as to protect the substrate out of corrosion, to make the product appealing to the eye, to make the product blend in with the the background or to provide a surface finish which is part of the usefulness of the product.

What ever the answer is, painting a product involves price tag and cost means expense. The first time around itself it is great priced, not to mention the cost you would incur if you get it wrong! It can be nearly anything, excess paint can cause the coating thickness gauge to crack while it dries, or if you paint a small amount then the paint most likely are not adequate to adequately coat the object and will require repainting. The ability to paint thickness measurement would aid in cost protecting.

Which ever way you look at it, profits will be determined. And we are still not discussing the actual condition and accomplishing of the painting. This explains why paint thickness rating is perhaps the most significant measurement that is administrated during the coatings approach.

The first Elcometer gauge for paint thickness measurement appeared to be patented and introduced to the marketplace more than 60 years ago. On that basis Elcometer gauges are considered the industry’s best and that perhaps discuss why it has the widest range of paint thickness counts in the world.

You can save up to 70% of the cost of putting colour on an object, depending up on the placement of the painter. The exact closer the painter better saving you would have. The correct number of wet film is applied to meet the dry film density specification, if the volume to solids ratio of the shell is known.

A powder coating has numerous benefits regarding green wet coating system, to put it exactly, there little or no wastage as any of the excess powder or over sprayed powder snow can be recycled and reused. And as there is no use of solvents you can administer tighter environmental controls of VOC emissions and legislation. Measuring the thickness of powder nevertheless is difficult as touching it changes the powdered thickness compressing it under the force.

Elcometer offers choice of most sophisticated paint thickness measurement such as the simplest ‘pencil-type’ gauge and the nondestructive to destructive gauge.